Call for Abstracts

Important Dates

  • January 15, 2019 NEW Deadline to submit/edit Paper/Poster/Video Abstracts
  • March 2019 – Abstract main author notified (acceptance/rejection)
  • April 26, 2019 – Deadline for main author to register

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Free Papers, Posters, Videos

Please develop your abstract off-line before accessing the online submission form. Use the spell checking and word count features of your word processor to check the text of the abstract before submitting it. It is the responsibility of each individual to proofread his or her own work. All abstracts will be published as submitted to the Congress.


  1. Participants may be first author on a maximum of two (2) abstracts.
  2. Submitted abstracts must correspond to original research. We will not accept work already published, series of cases or literature reviews.
  3. Abstracts can be sent in Spanish, English or Portuguese. Accepted works will be presented in the language used when uploading the abstract.
  4. Participants may be co-authors of multiple abstracts.
  5. Participants must disclose the potential conflict of interest both personal and from co-authors.
  6. Program reviewers reserve the right to reclassify abstracts in the category of the most appropriate subspecialty.
  7. Abstracts can be sent exclusively through the website:
  8. Abstracts are reviewed as they are sent, deadline is January 15, 2019. Incomplete abstracts will not be reviewed or accepted.
  9. The first author will be notified of acceptance in February, and the first author must be registered to the congress before April 26, 2019. If the registration is not received the submission will be automatically withdrawn from the program.


  1. All abstracts must be submitted in one category of subspecialty.
  2. The title should be limited to 120 characters or less; it must be conclusive rather than descriptive.
  3. Each author must be added separately to ensure the correct listing.
  4. All abstracts must be limited to 400 words or less. References, tables, graphs or illustrations are not allowed in the abstract.
  5. The summary must contain:
    1. The objectives of the research
    2. Population studied and methods used
    3. Essential results, including the most relevant data and statistical analysis
    4. Conclusion
  6. An email address of the first author must be included.
  7. Presentation type of preference must be stated: free paper or electronic poster.
  8. The Scientific Committee may determine if a summary is more suitable for poster than to free paper.


Free paper sessions will consist of 11 oral presentations of 6 minutes each with 2 minutes for discussion. Presentations will be grouped by subspecialty or topic.


  1. Posters will displayed on terminals installed in a specific area for this purpose and in the application for phone and tablet.
  2. Electronic poster presentations are limited to 8 slides that include: one for title, one for declaration of interests, one for purpose, one for methods, three for results and one for conclusions.
  3. A selection of accepted posters will be scheduled as a brief oral presentation of 6 minutes with the same number of slides. They will be grouped in a special session.
  4. The deadline to submit an accepted electronic poster will be March 29, 2019.
  5. Accepted electronic posters should be in Power Point 16:9.


Videos of 5 minutes maximum length will be accepted. They will be displayed on terminals arranged for this purpose and in the application for phone and tablet.

  1. Videos will be judged on their written submitted abstracts;
  2. The deadline to submit an accepted video March 29, 2019.
  3. Accepted videos should be in one of the following formats: .mpeg, .mov, .mp4, .flv, or .wmv.

Abstract Submission Checklist

  • Decide what language it will be presented in.
  • Decide what subject your presentation would fall under

Gather the materials you need to complete the submission.

  • Your abstract – publication ready. Including a Title, Purpose, Method, Results and Conclusions.
  • The name(s) and email address of each author
  • Any Financial Disclosures you or your co-authors may have


You do not need to be an PAAO or SMO member to submit an abstract. However, if your abstract is accepted for presentation, the presenting author MUST register for the Congress by the April 26, 2019 pre-registration deadline. Submission of an abstract implies a commitment to make the presentation at the congress, therefore please make sure you understand what is required of you before submitting.

Please note: Withdrawing an abstract after acceptance may prevent you from submitting an abstract to future PAAO Congress.

All main/presenting authors will be notified via email of abstract status in Feburary. Please make sure your email address is correct and up-to-date.